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The Right Real Estate Attorney

By: Attorney February 7, 2016 no comments

The Right Real Estate Attorney

Everyone involved in a residential or commercial real estate deal, the Seller, the Buyer, the real estate agent, and the mortgage broker, the lender — has a vested interest in getting the deal done because they typically receive compensation if the transaction closes and the property is sold. Therefore, they may not make a proper decision that is in your OUR CLIENT best interest.

NYC-Best-AttorneysIn many residential and commercial real estate cases sellers make an effort to limit the grounds for canceling the contract (Hard Deposit, Soft Deposit etc.) and inexperienced buyers may sign contracts that don’t include common exceptions, such as, failing to obtain financing, zoning issues, board approval, and the property failing to appraise the amount of the contract.

One of the best defenses against making a wrong decision is to hire the The Balisok & Kaufman, PLLC an experienced real estate attorney’s.Joseph Y. Balisok, Esq

Balisok & Kaufman, PLLC clientele includes local NY and foreign investors and first-time home buyers,  real estate developers, landlords, tenants,  family offices and funds that are selling, leasing, buying and financing residential, Industrial and commercial real estate in New York.

You may feel that Residential Real Estate or commercial transaction is very simple, only to find out later that it is way more comprehensive.

Hiring the wrong attorney for your transaction will likely make your experience more stressful than it needs to be and would cost you a lot more at the closing table.

Balisok & Kaufman, PLLC charges reasonable fees on residential and commercial real estate transactions, and provides consultation that is both objective and straight forward.

We welcome you to take advantage of our experience in Contracts & Closings for Commercial Real Estate, Multifamily, Development properties, Joint Ventures, Townhouses, Condos and Coops.  Call us at 718-928-9607 or email us at Law@BalisokKaufman.com


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