The Right Real Estate Attorney

Buying a house is the largest investment most people make in their lifetime. The right real estate attorney should be able to make what is a complex transaction simple and straight forward. The right attorney should also steer you around the various pitfalls and protect your deposit with ease.

At Balisok & Kaufman PLLC we take the time and put in the effort needed to make what is a very stressful experience (for most) and turn it into an effortless and peaceful experience.

Balisok & Kaufman, PLLC are experienced real estate attorneys who have successfully assisted purchasers with buying residential and commercial property for over a decade. Put our expertise to work for you. Experience the difference that is our client-centered representation model.

Balisok & Kaufman, PLLC past clientele include families looking for a home to investors buying properties. We successfully represented just about every type of real estate purchaser, and we can successfully represent you too.

You may feel that your residential Real Estate or commercial transaction is simple, only to find out later that it is way more comprehensive.

Hiring the right attorney for your transaction can save you money, time, effort and unnecessary stress.

Balisok & Kaufman, PLLC charges reasonable fees on residential and commercial real estate transactions and provides a free consultation that is both objective and straight forward.

We welcome you to take advantage of our experience with real estate transactions.  Call us at 718-928-9607 or email us at

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